Have you gotten to a place where you need to act or change FAST?

Do you need results like …. yesterday?

When you need to achieve huge results in the smallest amount of time, you need to be laser focused,not only on the outcome but on the actions that need to take place.

That’s where I can help!

I offer only to elite clients who have a clear vision of their outcome and are truly committed to success, an opportunity to work with me very closely for one month.

When I say very closely, I mean very closely….


This is what you will get:

  • 4 x ½ days with me personally one-on-one during the month at my premises on the Gold Coast.


  • ½ hour virtual hookup each business day during the month with me personally


  • Access to my personal mobile number for crisis calls


  • Unlimited access to me via my direct email


  • Unlimited access to my personal assistant via her direct email and mobile number.


  • Dinner with me on the Gold Coast at one of my favourite restaurants and I will bring along one of my friends who is an expert in their field,where their knowledge will benefit you and your business the most.


  • You will get a 1 hour consult with an amazing specialist who is leading the way in their chosen industry.  This may be financial planning, human resources, social media, marketing, video production, media.  This person will be chosen dependent on your needs.


  • 16 hours of access to my team during the month. This includes graphic designer, IT specialist, content writer, videographer, social media manager.


  • Access to my templates that you require to complete your outcome.


  • While you’re on the Gold Coast, we will send you off on a pamper session or a round of golf just to make sure you relax during this intense month


  • Lifetime membership to my online program, 12 Week Business Academy


  • Lifetime membership to my online resource centre, Platinum Members Program


Imagine having an intense month with me!  You will get to talk to me every day.


Yes …. every day!  Together we will achieve the outcome you need in a small amount of time.  You will get massive results in just one month.

Whatever the outcome, your focus and commitment will be supported by me, your biggest advocate, supporter and motivator, ensuring you great success!

You will have clarity of what needs to be done like never before!

This is not for the faint hearted.

This is for you if you are 100% committed and if you are driven by success!









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